Snowflake and Korean

I have been a bit neglectful of my wordpress. ㅠ.ㅠ

Well anyway… I made a tatted snowflake, pattern by Betsy Evans. I used up the last of my Lizbeth Jewels thread in size 20. I was tatting at my local Korean Cafe and Restaurant. After completing the snowflake, I decided to give it to the owner. She was thrilled. As a thank you she gave me some cute Korean stickers.





Skull Beads and Tatting.

This is just an expansion on tatting around a button. I love these. I attach them to my earings. I love my pretty and awesome Lacey Skulls.



An Old Bone Tatting Shuttle

I was lucky enough to be given an old bone tatting shuttle today. I am so happy. The lady who gave it to me said it was her grandmothers, which means it is at least 90-100 years old. 🙂


Owl Tatting Shuttle

I was a little between projects so I decided to decoupage one of my tatting shuttles. Also I am bonkers about owls, skulls and bats. This one is just an owl but I love. Love, love, love it. 🙂


Craft Pack from One Mad Tatter

I received my craft pack from One Mad Tatter this morning. I won it as a part of her 150 likers giveaway on Facebook that was between her blog and Facebook. One Mad Tatter’s Facebook Page.

After I opened it, my son decided that one of the balloons needed to be blown up. Second, a piece of chocolate was shared between me and my son. I love the pack. I especially love the Lizbeth thread because I can’t get it in my town and have to order it online. I am not a massive fan of yellow but it is nice. Also I am of the opinion that you can never have too many shuttles (or crochet hooks or knitting needles etc) 🙂


My ‘new’ shuttles

I have gone and done it. I have neutered a few of my birch bobbin tatting shuttles. The bit on the end is supposed to be a bobbin holder/ winder thing but the bobbins don’t fit on it. So, I chopped it off. And now I am doing a little bit of Decoupage magic and I will have new shuttles. Lol…


Before and after Neutering.


One in the process of being Decoupaged.


And one that is getting a few coats of varnish. Can’t wait to start using my pretty ‘new’ shuttles.

Some tatting shuttles and cotton I bought cheap.

I was lucky enough to have a wonderful friend who found an ad for tatting shuttles and cotton on Gumtree. She sent me the link and I fell in love. With the five tatting shuttles. I had no idea the bargain I was getting for $25AUD. The box was full of Coats thread in varying sizes. Coats is no more, so it is hard to get their thread. And the shuttles. Well. There was a Tortoise shell one which is worth $25 AUD on a bargain. So I was stoked. My tatting teacher wants it, but it is mine. {insert crazy and a touch evil laughter}.


And then there was an Aero bobbin shuttle and two Milward shuttles with hooks. To top it off they are still on their cards. And also a bluey coloured plastic shuttle. I have no idea what these other shuttles are worth but I love them.


I have to say that I got a good find and I love my friends. 🙂


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