Baby Cthulhu Crochet Plushie.

I have finally done it. I have designed a cute amigurumi. It is a baby Cthulhu.

It is currently in testing. I am looking forward to releasing this pattern into the wild. 😂 .

💜 Rogue 💀


Favourite Book with Tatting Reference.

I have been reading books by Tamora Pierce since I was 12. One of her books referenced tatting. I am currently rereading said book. It is First Test. It is a children’s/young adult novel that is based in a fictional world. It is about a girls journey towards becoming a knight.

I just had to put my tatted lace with the reference about it. Lol. 🤣

💜 Rogue 💀

TIAS 2018 Day 1-6.

I am running a bit behind with Jane Eborall’s TIAS for 2018. To join along go to Jane Eborall Blog: TIAS

I have now caught up. So TIAS is an acronym for Tat It And See. Jane Eborall posts one of these every year. Basically it is a mystery tat a long that you get a small bit of the pattern to complete each day, so it is easier to complete.

Pic 1: Day 1-5 complete

Pic 2: Day 6 complete

My guess for what I am tatting is an Alpaca or llama. I am looking forward to seeing more of the pattern.

💜 Rogue ☠️

Rotation Pendant take 2.

I have made a second Rotation pendant. I made it last night for my Twin Sister for our birthday. She loves the colours green and purple. The Thread that I used was a variegated Lizbeth Thread.

(Pic 1. Part way there)

(Pic 2. Finished)

My sister loved it. So that is a bonus. Lol.

💜💀 Rogue.

Tatting Rotation Pendant.

I am on a tatting buzz atm. I am really loving Marilee Rockley’s tatting patterns. The latest thing I have tatted is her Rotation Pendant.

(Pic 1 Part of the way done)

I really enjoyed making this pattern. It was a little bit challenging due to adding the beads.

(Pic 2 Completed Pendant)

I used size 20 Lizbeth Thread and some random beads I had lying about.

(Pic 3 Me wearing my pretty)

I really love how it turned out.

💜💀 Rogue.

Tatted Shell Pendant and Happy New Year.

Happy New Year. My first piece of craftiness for the year is a Tatted Shell Pendant. Pattern is by Marilee Rockley also known as Yarnplayer.

I made this pretty in Size 20 Lizbeth thread.

Hope you have a fantastic start to 2018.

💜 Rogue 💀

Crochet Danish Jellyfish

I have tried my hand at making the Danish Jellyfish for Preemie Babies. These jellyfish are to help prevent preemie babies from pulling put their tubes in hospital. I have only made the one so far. I wanted to make sure that it passed Quality Control before making more. I am very happy to say that it PASSED.

If you want to make these you need to find a group in your area. I found my group on Facebook. Please DO NOT make a Jellyfish or Octopus and take it directly to a hospital or a preemie baby. These toys need to be strictly Quality Controlled, so that only the best ones that follow all guidelines are given to these precious babies.

Also Merry Christmas.

💜 Rogue

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