Crochet ‘Shiny’ Mimikyu

I was browsing Ravelry when I came across the picture for a crochet Mimikyu. I am a big pokemon fan and I thought this would be an awesome little plushie to make. The pattern is by Robin @yarnandclay on Instagram, yarnandclayshop on Etsy and rotan96 on Ravelry. 

So to make this a little different I decided to do Mimikyu’s alternative ‘Shiny’ colours. 

The hardest part of this pattern was doing the black bits on the ears. I borrowed a friends light up crochet hooks to help me see. 

💜 Rogue


I am Back. 

It has been ages since I have posted anything. It is mainly because I forgot all about my wordpress account. It was only getting an email about it that prompted me coming back. Yay. 👏

So I will try to post every now and again… No guarantees… Just that I will try… 

💜 Rogue

Crochet Bells. One Cute and One thats Skully… Lol…

One of my friends designed a bell for christmas and she asked me to test it. I love it. It is so dainty and feminine. You can get the pattern here: Suedzine Crochet Bell with battery tea light. The pattern costs $3 AUD. Here is my bell that I did with the pattern.



I also made a skull lantern using the bell by Suedzine as inspiration. I have always really love skulls. I am so glad that I had the idea to make this. ^_^


This was my first attempt. It came out quite well…


This is Skull Lantern 2.0… Lol. Well that is what I fondly refer to it as. ^_~


Something New. My First Ever Cross Stitch.

Hey everyone.

I am so please to share with everyone my very first CrossStitch (At 23). I am quite proud of myself for picking up another thread craft. It definitely helps keep boredom at bay. Lol… I absolutely love my craft. I am an artist… Lol… 





I have got a blog

I am a crafter. And I have finally decided to get a blog. I have no idea how often I will be on to post, but I really want to post all the lovely things that I make.

Currently, I mainly tat lace. Sometimes I pick up the knitting needles or the crochet hooks.